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Tree Service and Express Tree Removal Chattanooga

​Quality tree services bring you the means to care for the greenery on your property that brings you so much. From clean air, to shade, to the means to simply relax on a warm day nestled among its roots.

When you need a reliable tree service company to bring you the best in the Chattanooga, Ringgold and Dalton areas then making the choice to call Express Tree Removal Chattanooga will deliver results you can count on across many services.

About Us

We are dedicated to bringing you the services you need to have your trees growing happy and healthy on your property or bringing you the effective tree removal service you need to open your space once more. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that we have the capability to bring you planting, tree care and tree removal you can count on. When you find yourself in need of quality tree services, there should be one name in mind in the local area, and that the experienced touch of Express Tree Removal Chattanooga. ​


​Each of the services we provide are designed to bring you the results you’ve been looking for when it comes to your property trees. Whether you find yourself suffering hazardous situations in the wake of storm damage or are looking to landscape your commercial property with new design and planting services. When you need the expert touch of a pro tree service that has been servicing the Chattanooga, Ringgold and Dalton area for many years, you can be sure that making the choice to call Express Tree Removal Chattanooga will ensure that you have access to reliable and affordable services of all types across the city.

​Tree Removal

We are known in the area as a tree removal company you can depend on when it comes to projects of all sizes. Whether you need a single tree removed, or need a lot cleared in order to begin building your dream home, you can be sure that we have the skills and expertise to provide you with results. We put our full attention into providing you removal from tip to stump and bringing you utility.

​Storm Damage

Local storms have the capability to provide a variety of different levels of damages to your trees and whether you need immediate emergency assistance, or to schedule a service for a later date, one phone call to the offices of Express Tree Service Chattanooga will have you covered. No matter the level of immediacy to your issues, you can be sure that we have the capability to get to you quickly no matter where you are

​Tree Trimming

Express Tree Removal Chattanooga provides the city with a variety of tree trimming services that bring you results. Whether you need to resize your canopy, to have a branch overhanging into a neighbor’s yard treated, or the means to effective weight reduction, you can be sure that we provide you the tree service specialists dedicated to bringing you results across Chattanooga, Dalton and Ringgold. With a simple call, you have many solutions at hand.


Trees provide you with a variety of options when it comes to the design and appearance of your commercial property. Whether you need new trees planted, or old tree taken away, Express Tree Removal Chattanooga has the means to quickly provide you with the tree removal cost information you need, or the ability to quickly schedule a design and quote appointment that will get you ready to begin on your design project for your business.


Though we are centrally located in the heart of Chattanooga, we can also be relied upon to bring quick and reliable tree care services in the Ringgold area. We have been serving our home town and surrounding cities for many years and bring you the experienced touch you need when it comes to services of any type. From planting to eventual removal, we are the source of trustworthy tree care services for your needs.


Alongside Chattanooga and Ringgold, we also bring the residents and businesses of Dalton the services needed to have your trees growing happy and healthy. Whether you need a lot cleared for a new business, or require a professional tree cutting service to handle your trimming needs, you can be sure that a simple phone call to Express Tree Removal Chattanooga will have you well on your way. For a service you can trust, we await the chance to prove ourselves.

Our Happy Clients!

“I was looking for tree removal near me to clear out a lot that I planned to build on and came across Express Tree Removal Chattanooga. They quickly put me at ease with their capabilities, and the results they provided made it easy to get started on my plans.”
– Clive G.
“I have used the services of Express Tree Removal Chattanooga for the last few years for annual tree trimming. They are always easy to book, they show up on time, and the results they bring really rejuvenates the look of my trees and property in general.”
– Jenny D.
“I like that Express Tree Removal Chattanooga not only brings you the services you need when it comes to having a tree taken care of on your property, but they also helped me obtain a tree removal permit to open space to install a shed in my yard.”
​– Randall W.
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