​Land & Lot Clearing

​Owning a lot of land is one of the evergreen investment sources available to man. Its intrinsic value stems from its limited supply and its vitality in aiding the actualization of all other human endeavors, whether for food production, manufacturing or even litigation. However, before any lot of land can be fully utilized, there is an immense need for adequate land & lot clearing and preparation.

Land and lot clearing is the act of removing the vegetation covering on any land area, no matter how dense, for developmental reasons. This covering could occur in the form of bushes, boulders, forests or words.

Development can mean different things but the most popular developmental projects encountered include the development of residential and commercial structures and the development of food production and processing facilities such as farms.

Before any land clearing activity commences, it is critical to have a detailed layout of all underground utilities to prevent destruction and also getting the right earth moving machines for the right soil and vegetation type is important.

Also, strict adherence to the government established land or lot clearing regulations is necessary for locations that are in close proximity to water bodies.

Other reasons for using land clearing services

Developing a recreational lot

Whenever lot owners want to create additional resources such as pathways and tracks for biking or racing, it is important to eliminate all coverings along the path and this brings land and lot clearing service providers to the scene.

Post-Act-of-God rehabilitation

In the event of an occurrence of any act-of-god, it becomes important to use earth-moving equipment to clear the path for rehabilitation and restoration.

Advantages of land clearing services

Speed and efficiency

Once a large number of trees are to be cleared or a vast region of land is to be cleared, heavy or medium-duty land clearing activities trump manual clearing as it offers greater speed and efficiency both economically and environmentally

Ease and flexibility

Because we understand that client’s needs vary from the clearing of a basic pathway on their ranch to an actual complete removal of the topsoil, we offer this clearing land service with diverse dedicated machinery to bring all such dreams to life.

Some of the equipment used to achieve this efficient level include

Feller bunch

This is used to fell and gathers trees to ease clearing.

Forestry tiller

We use this to chip away at roots and stumps, thereby eliminating them and making the land plain.


we use this equipment to transport the fallen logs from the original site to the central site.


to level the cleared land for evenness and easy use-ability.


to convert the vegetative coverings to mulch for reuse.

Bobcat Flail cutter

This is used extensively for thick bush mowing.

Given our expertise working with diverse clients from contractors to developers and even ranchers, Express Tree Removal Chattanooga is able to deliver superior workmanship at a highly affordable rate that would clear your lot and not your wallets.

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