About Us

​The trees around the Chattanooga area provide us with shade, utility and beauty for our properties, and when you’re looking for an efficient and professional service to provide you with the installation, maintenance and removal services that will provide you with the results you need on your property, you can trust in the long-term experience that Express Tree Removal Chattanooga brings to the city.

We have been the source for quality tree service, removal in the wake of storm damage, and so much more. All it takes is making the choice to pick up the phone and making the call to your local pro tree service.

Our extensive history in the Chattanooga area brings you the means to have saplings brought to your property, pest control measures in place, and an emergency service you can depend on when it comes to the trees in your area.

No matter the end results you’re aiming for on your property, we have the necessary experts to provide you with quality. From the moment you make the call to the final removal of fallen debris and more, you can be sure that your professionals at Express Tree Removal Chattanooga are hard at work for you.

​We look to ensure that you can depend on our experts at all times, bringing you around the clock services to deal with extensive storm damage and more. Delivering the capability to truly trust in the speed and efficiency that promotes the word express is our ultimate goal when it comes to your tree care needs. 

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