Stump Grinding

​The roles of trees in our society cannot be limited to being the lush green vegetation that provides us with shade during our picnics or a source of fuel in developing nations. Trees are perfect reminders of our ephemerality and they represent the oldest organisms on the planet, with some extant trees currently aged above 9,500 years old. Trees regrow from their stumps easily, thus making stump grinding or removal important, when tree removal is imminent.

For whatever the reason, be it construction, agricultural or private, for which trees fell, their stumps can pose a persistent problem, thereby confirming the need for professional tree stump grinding or removal service. These are two services that experts have determined to be beneficial to any tree population once tree removal is initiated.

Most tree stumps if left unchecked would be infected with a decaying fungus that could over time be transferred to other trees on your property, thereby validating the need for adequate removal.

When considering stump removal or grinding, it is important to contact your local utility firm for a layout of all underground structures on your property to avoid the occurrence of devastating incidences.

Also, it is important to discuss with your tree service expert your intended use of the land post tree removal, this would guide a couple of decisions regarding chip removal, soil replacement and/or grass seeding. Below is a list of the benefits tree stump grinding or removal offers:

Speedy elimination

Although various options exist when preventing the regrowth of a tree from its stump, however, the majority of these take longer time periods to fully eliminate the tree. Also, they take persistent attention and concern, which might not be feasible for most clients. Thus, making stump removal via grinding the fastest service to eliminate the tree stump. Within a few hours, the once annoying tree stump can become a level and replaced slate.

Eco-friendly and responsible

Unlike the other stump removal options such as the chemical method that are detrimental to both plant and animals, stump grinding offers an eco-friendly solution to removing stumps. The only organism affected is the stump, the surrounding landscape remains unaffected and no leaking can occur that might be inimical to nearby fishes. Regardless of your stump girth or your preferred depth, the dedicated stump grinding machines are designed to eliminate the stump to your satisfaction.

Improved aesthetics

if you have a farmland or ranch and you have stump issues, it easily becomes obvious that these little bugs can affect the productivity of your tractors or other equipment, thereby costing you time and money. They also affect the beauty of your landscape, whether you are a developer or a farmer. Stump grinding and removal ensure that their very existence is eliminated to the beauty of your property.

Whether the tree was felled intentionally or fell as a result of a storm, there is the need to ensure that the stump’s presence on your landscape is eliminated so the land can become more purposeful and beautiful.
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