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Tree Care Tips for Fall

The cold winter months are upon us with the fall season serving as an indication of this transition. During this period, the sunlight which was much enjoyed during the summer will be reduced. You also get to see the trees changing colors from green to various shades of brown as an effect.
If you happen to find yourself living in an area densely populated by trees or you have one in your back or front yard, now might be the time for you to prepare these trees for the fall season. It is essential to take care of these trees in preparation for fall as it protects their health long-term and makes them less susceptible to damage from storms.

Below, we have enlisted 4 tips that you must endeavor to do when preparing your trees for fall:

#1 Tree Removal

Tree removal comes into play when you have:

  • Dead or fallen trees in your yard
  • Trees with branches close to the windows or roof of the house
  • Trees with close proximity to property
  • Completely infected trees
With the chances of it raining or storming heavily in Chattanooga during the fall months, chances are a freak storm can easily uproot the trees in your yard or cause a branch to fall into your home. Also, leaving dead trees lying around increases the presence of diseases, rodents, and insects in your yard which can affect you and the health of nearby trees. Getting tree removal services reduces the likelihood of this happening.

#2 Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is another thing to consider if the prospect of removing the whole tree does not appeal to you. Sure, the lovely tree provides the right shade during the hot months, but if the branches are not properly trimmed, you get a lot to do regarding clean up (leaves fall from the trees during the fall). Also, you risk the chance of having a branch fall off where you don’t want it to. In preparation for the fall months, make sure you get in an expert to handle the tree trimming as they know the best ways to ensure the health of the tree is maintained.

#3 Make use of mulch

The presence of the sun during the fall periods will be significantly reduced. More clouds will be in the sky, and as a result, the nutrient which your tree gets from the sun will also be affected. To help with this, make sure you mix in organic mulch with the soil under the tree. Doing this will help the tree retain water and also whether the effects of extreme temperatures in the ground. Basically, what the mulch does is to act as a blanket for the tree roots.

#4 Inspect trees for diseases and insects

Sometimes, when a tree is infected, the best-case scenario may involve only tree trimming with the worst case being complete tree removal. However, this can altogether be prevented with continuous supervision of the trees. Things you should be on the lookout for include ash borer, mites, beetles and bugs. If you notice yellow or gray patches on the trees as well, do not hesitate to call in an expert to get a proper investigation done on this. The expert also knows the best treatment for certain situations.

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