Warning Signs That You May Need Tree Removal

There are many reasons you may need tree removal services. We think it’s ideal to call a tree removal company before the problem becomes serious. This is because businesses like ours have all the tools necessary to quickly remove the tree at its base. Tree removal is often difficult because the entire tree stump may need to be removed. Removal of a stump and its roots requires special machinery. This isn’t to say that it takes a long time to remove a tree, but we think experts typically have the knowledge and tools necessary to make the process much less painless for the homeowner. 

Closeness to Power Lines

Trees that are too close to power lines may pose a serious fire hazard. Branches may fall on a live wire. This can also cause a power outage. Vegetation that is adjacent to the tree may also catch on fire. This can potentially create a massive fire that is very difficult to control. We think it's usually better to keep tall trees at least ten feet away from power lines. A strong gust during a storm may ultimately send tree branches flying onto a power line.

Root Destruction

Tree roots are surprisingly powerful. Trees growing near cracked pipes may enter the pipes. This causes blockage that is hard too fix. The entire pipe may need to be removed. We think it is usually better to contact a tree service before this becomes an issue. A tree service like ours will be able to dig down and see where the tree roots are.

Roof Damage

Trees that grow too tall may begin to lean. A tree that is too close to a property may ultimately fall onto a roof. This can easily destroy a roof. We believe it is better to cut down any tree that may ultimately pose a potential risk to your property. We also recommend cutting down any trees that may potentially fall on a neighbor's property. A tree that is leaning over your neighbor's property line may be considered an encroachment.

Tree Death

A dead tree is cosmetically unappealing. The wood may also begin to rot. Rotting wood may not seem like a serious problem, but many insects love rotting wood. This can attract more insects onto your property. We recommend removing the trees before this becomes a problem because you may also need to call a pest control service in the event that this happens.

Property Obstruction

Trees can occasionally be obstructive. You may have a tree growing outside your window that needs to be removed. You might also have one in the way of new construction. People that live in wooded areas typically need to remove trees to make room when they decide to expand their property. It's a great idea to contact us before you ultimately begin new construction on a property. Construction may be halted if trees need to be removed beforehand. We think it's ultimately better to remove any old tree trunks before you start construction on your property. Some may assume that construction companies will do this, but the vast majority will usually request that you have the trees removed beforehand.

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